“…Shut up, Eugene”



Codename: A Closely Guarded Secret…much like her exact age
Name: Diabliana Morningstar
Occupation: Chief Litigator at the Super Hero Help Desk
Powers: Mastery of Magic, Immortality, Keen Legal Mind
Bio: Diabliana grew up in the big city (in the suburb of Infernal Springs). Like every little girl, she dreamed of growing up, getting married and having a white picket fence. This could never be as her responsibilities as the crown princess of the Kingdom of Hell forced her to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Now an established and feared (really feared) litigator Diabliana plies her trade for the Super Hero Help Desk. To this day nobody really knows how she makes those lawsuits disappear.


The Amazing Fixo

“I raised 5 kids on this Salary”



Codename: The Amazing Fixo
Name: Bob Fickser
Occupation: Maintenance Worker at the Super Hero Help Desk
Powers: Experience
Bio: Fixo has seen it all and done it all. He served in the first Integrity Collaborative; as their ‘go-to’ repair man, and occasional BBQ cook. Through the Collective he met his wife.

Today they and their five kids live in a suburban home. Fixo’s many years of experience coupled with his interpersonal skills make him the perfect handyman to have around the office.


Captain Extremo



Codename: Captain Extremo
Name: James “Jimmy” McAllister
Occupation: Call Center Consultant at the Superhero Help Desk
Powers: Invulnerability, Incalcuable Strength, Super Speed
Bio: Jimmy has led the elite Super Hero team, the Revenge Guard, he has defeated Gravsh the giant space lion, survived being struck by a nuclear explosion (at point blank range) and has an uncanny knack for remembering everyone’s birthday.

He was forced to retire from field duty because of his severe “allergies”.



“Human’s are very strange beings…aside from the only three dimensions thing”Wanda


Codename: Wanda
Name: “Sentient Energy Cloud 9” (rough translation from native language)
Occupation: Accountant at the Superhero Help Desk
Powers: Flight, Energy Projection, Density Control
Bio: Little is known of the entity known as Wanda. She came to earth as a cloud of energy and adopted a roughly human form and the name ‘Wanda’. Nobody is quite sure what to make of her, she seems to be a very intelligent being, yet struggles to grasp the most basic of human concepts.

She claims she just wants to learn our customs…so we tossed her in with the accountants.


White Noise

“I understand the gravity of the situation I’m just categorically indifferent”whitenoisehead


Codename: White Noise
Name: Nicholas Daniel Tone
Occupation: HR Manager for the Superhero Help Desk
Powers: Sonic Manipulation
Bio: White Noise began his career as a plucky young sidekick in the early 90s. This particular path never really suited him, and the numerous high-stress situations as well as the Event soon led him to an easy desk job as the Helpdesk’s HR manager.

Now equipped with his sonic powers and disinterest, White Noise has ended up in the one job where he can get away with doing absolutely nothing. That’s right, he’s in middle management.


Dr. Maniacal

“You have insulted me for the last time!”maniacalhead


Codename: Dr. Maniacal
Name: Eugene Phineas Maniacal, PhD
Occupation: Incredible Intellect and Unmatched Fashion Sense
Bio: Doctor Maniacal had it all, an evil wife, superhuman kids; he even had a secret lab in Mount Maniacal (in hindsight, calling the location of his evil lair “Mount Maniacal” may have been a mistake). This all changed when the Super Teens launched a surprise attack on his lab, dealing him his first defeat in his criminal career. Obsession, they say, drove his family away.

Now he works in a call centre.