Holy Holly Super Helpers!

Is it that time of year already? We can hear those sleigh bells ringing as the Helpdesk shuts up shop for Christmas and we hope you’ve been good this year. Ah shucks, we know you’re good every year, that’s why our gift to you is our yearly holiday strip, wishing you the very best Christmas from the Superhero Helpdesk.

Though we have some bittersweet news this holiday season. Part of our Helpdesk family, our dear Amanda, has headed across the ocean to Brazil and we will miss her dearly. Though she may be on the other side of the world, she’ll still work her hardest to bring you brand new comic strips every Monday and we’ve had our IT department teach us how to use Skype, so though she may be gone, we’ll still get to see her and plan office shenanigans.

All of us here wish you the happiest of holidays, Super Helper and hope you have a great time surrounded by whichever loved ones you happen to find yourself around. Just like the giant ape, who has made a new little helper friend.

See you next coffee break and Happy Holidays,

The Hepdesk Team.