Howdy Super Helpers!

You better believe it, we’re back with season two of Superhero Helpdesk, uploading to you from sunny Mexico just before we go hop three planes to get back to Ireland. We’re straight out of the gate this season with a Giant Ape. Who is this mysterious ape? Perhaps a previously disgruntled caller?

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back, we can’t wait to show you the hijinks planned for this season. We’d also love it if you could welcome the newest member of our team Amanda! Amanda has her own web series Exploding Comics, and will be our artist this season.

Well, what can I say? We’ve missed you guys, and our weekly Monday meetups, so lets settle in to another season chock full of raptors Helpdesk antics. Will there be any new characters? What may or may not threaten our heroes this season? Will we ever see Dr. Maniacal again? What the hell is up with this ape? Stick around to find out.

See ya next coffee break,

Kerrie (and Hugo, but he’s napping).