headtree Tree Farrell

 A “somewhat competent” (and very modest) artist, Tree chose to challenge herself in university by studying, not art, but history. With that being said, she never stopped “arting” and today she does and has  many fine arts, such as, you know this webcomic (I’ve been told she also does ponies).

Today Tree resides in Dublin, where she is preparing to undertake a master’s degree in graphic design while drawing this webcomic as well as her own artistic projects, and (we assume) fight crime. Tree has  asked that Hugo be removed from the blurb writing process, effective immediately.



Kerrie Smith

After graduating from NUI Maynooth with a double honours in English and Philosophy, Kerrie began to wonder what she could do with herself. Her love of comic books stems from an early interest in Batman comics. Well actually from Riddler comics, she just loved to see poor Mr. Nigma fall flat. It all came together for her in 2012 at D.I.C.E (Dublin International Comics Expo) when after being pestered by her wonderful and loving, and handsome boyfriend she should try to utilise her well-practiced creative abilities to create comic books.

Kerrie currently resides in her Dublin apartment with her boyfriend who has in no way hijacked this blurb to make himself look better and their roommate, a vast collection of Graphic Novels. She has asked that we specify “vast collection of Graphic Novels”, because if Hugo keeps screwing around, she can’t guarantee they’ll be in a relationship for much longer.


headhugoHugo Boylan

Hugo attended UCD where he earned his MA in Classics. His thesis focuses on the use of the “Hercules Character” in comic books, focusing on the evolution of the character from Greek to Roman times, and then his appearance in the Pak/Van Lente Marvel run. In essence, he managed to make the study of Classics about comics. He really loves comics. Seriously, it could have cost him his MA.

Today Hugo resides in lovely apartment with his vast collection of Graphic Novels and his girlfriend. He has asked that we specify that it is a “lovely” apartment, as previous to living there he resided almost exclusively in “dank, dark holes”.